Randburg History
Randburg History


RCC Juniors is one of the leading clubs for junior cricketers in the Central Gauteng Lions junior club leagues.  We believe that we are in this position because we place our cricketers at the heart of everything we do.

We are known as the place where you send your child if they want to learn the game of cricket.
– Jamie McFarlane RCC Juniors Chairperson

Creating Opportunities to Grow

Our systems and process are geared towards allowing all our cricketers to have opportunities, through a season, to experience what the game of cricket is about.  We do our best to ensure that our practices and matches provide our cricketers with an holistic experience of the game.


RCC Juniors was started 20 years ago and since then we have grown from strength to strength.

It wasn’t until Walter Ayers took over as Chairperson that things at RCC Juniors started changing.  Walter got RCC Juniors added to the club constitution as an equal member.  He was also instrumental in appointing RCC Juniors Head Coach Jody Martins, this was in September 2009.  When Walter left and Lionel Ford took over as Chairperson things started to shift quite quickly.  With Jody Martins heading up most of the changes at the club, Lionel provided the freedom to do so.  This period saw the start of the Fair Play Guide, as well as seasonally introducing new processes and initiatives at the club.  Lionel was followed by Jaco Pretorius who brought in more diligent communication and corporate governance to the club.  Jaco was then succeeded by Rudolph Horn, who continued to do the work that was started by Jaco.  Jaco stepped in for a second term.  Jamie McFarlane, our current Chairperson has been instrumental in how some of our internal processes have evolved.  We are striving to be the best cricket clubfoot cricketers of all ages and skill levels in the greater Gauteng area.