Parents at RCC Juniors

Parents are so important to the success of our club.  We cannot achieve anything really without our parents being involved.  On this page, we list the ways in which you can get involved in the club, as well as what our parent policies are.

Ways parents can get involved

  • Be a supportive parent
  • Manage a Squad
  • Score at Matches
  • Umpire at Matches
  • Serve on the Committee

Parent Code of Conduct

In as much as we encourage parent involvement, we are also aware that there are best practice and behaviour when it comes to parents.

Please take the time to read and understand our Parent Code of Conduct

Be a supportive parent…

The squads that function the best, have parents involved.  It's as simple as that.  Most if not all of our complaints and bad experiences at our club come from squads where there is little or no parental involvement.

This is the best way that any parent can be involved at RCC Juniors.  Act as a support for your child.  Although we can and are a drop and run service for a lot of parents.  Your child's experience at the club is as much to do with you as it is with them.

Manage a Squad

Once we have received our fixtures from the Central Gauteng Lions (CGL) and we have finalized our squads.  We will require parents to act in the capacity of Squad Managers.  Your role as a Squad Manager is clearly explained in this document.

Here is a brief over view:

  • Arrange matches as per the CGL fixtures on the Pitchero Manager App.
  • Arrange with your Coach and for an Umpire & Scorer.
  • Be at the match on a Saturday or Sunday.

Squad Umpire & Scorers

Umpire or Score matches that your Squad plays in on Saturdays.  Typically you will Umpire or Score only when your child plays.

We use our own scoring software to ensure that we can have our statistics as up to date as possible.  This would require you to have access to an electronic device such as a cellphone or tablet.

Serve on the Committee

There are a few parents who wish to make a substantial difference in the overall experience of cricketers at the club.  Being on the Committee requires a level of commitment to get things done. And there are a vast number of tasks that the Committee sees too.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Committee please contact our Chair person.